LETTERS: On road closures and castles in Castlegar

Mac Gregory and Ann Godderis share their thoughts on city decisions

Grandivew road closure

I noted with interest, that all candidates in their platforms wish to support greater housing development in Castlegar. I find this a great contradiction to their decision to not maintain, but to close off the 16th Avenue access to Grandview Heights. There are new homes for sale, a number under construction with land and developed lots for more.

Easy access to homes promotes development and enhances sale viability. A maintained thruway access would allow school buses to again come up from 14th, with Waste Management, Canada Post, City of Castlegar snow plows, delivery vehicles, emergency response and those following GPS to continue.

Possibly BC Transit could start a route through instead of turning down 37th. It would certainly help the blind woman who walks through to the 14th Ave. stop. Bussing would allow many seniors to age in place in their Grandview homes.

I hope the new council will take another look at the decision to close off the 16th Avenue access to Grandview. I don’t know how the blind woman will navigate past the piles of snow that will be at the gate on 16th. Saying you support housing and development and closing 16th makes no sense at all.

Mac Gregory

Castlegar, BC

Castle play structure

While I am very pleased that the city is intending to purchase and erect a large children’s play structure in Millennium Park, the choice of a castle is really unfortunate and very much out of sync with these times and the location.

Surely a structure representing a large tree fort or a cave-filled mountain or any other representation of a natural feature would be more suitable and more exciting than a left-over from colonial times.

Any addition to our beautiful riverside park deserves very special and thoughtful consideration, especially where children are concerned.

I wonder there are others who also felt dismay when reading about the announcement regarding the play structure in last Thursday’s Castlegar News? If so, please let city staff and councillors know about your concerns before it is too late.

Ann Godderis

Castlegar BC


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