Letters: Opinions about Castlegar’s Columbia Avenue project

Letters from two Castlegar readers — Nel Vandergaag and Bill Chapman

I would like to commend Castlegar city council on the new paving that extends from the Kinnaird Hall to the “Y”.

They have done so many things right on that project including the retro streetlights, the grass verge, the pedestals for art work, the garbage cans, clear and well marked bicycle lanes, the beautiful trees. Well done!

As a child growing up in Kinnaird we were always perplexed as to why our main street could only have one sidewalk. The effect of the new construction is to create a warm, welcoming small-town ambience that speaks of stability and order. It is in stark contrast to the M.C. Escher-esque tangle of bike lanes and sidewalks that convulse Columbia Avenue from the railway crossing to Sherbiko Hill.

Bill Chapman



Call for more benches

The new construction on Columbia Avenue looks impressive. With benches galore to take a rest all along Columbia.

However, if you are an elderly resident of Stellar Place or Sandalwood and you like to walk to Safeway or the bank, there is no place to rest on either side of the 1.5 kilometre stretch. Walking is supposed to be the healthiest thing to do and maybe more people would participate if there were benches.

Nel Vandergaag

Castlegar, Bc