Letters: Opinions on masks, Castlegar Library and downtown flowers

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Refusing to wear masks reckless

It occurs to me that refusing to wear a mask as requested by our Chief Medical Health Officer would have been akin to leaving all your house lights blazing and throwing wide open your curtains during the London blitz and bombing in World War II. Such a display of personal freedom and the right to protest would surely have been regarded as sheer madness and you’d have to conclude that, “Their lights are on, but no one’s at home.”

Ken Wyllie,

Robson B.C.

Hats off to library staff

Libraries are an integral and invaluable part of any community. The director, Kim Partanen, and all the staff at the Castlegar and District Public Library deserve a big round of applause for their dedication to our community during these difficult times. Programs were adapted and many online opportunities were added during the closure. The curb-side pickup service, which started on May 19th, was earlier than in some other communities. The Phase Two opening in early July allowed a safe return to in-person service. This was a joyful experience for patrons in the region.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to provide these services. Navigating the operations of the library through the pandemic has its challenges, yet the library staff have been working hard to adapt to continue to support the community. Thanks to all the library staff for all you have done through the pandemic in order for the library to remain a special place in our community.

Nova MacDougall

Castlegar and District Public Library Board

Impressed with downtown flowers

In August I came from the Okanagan to go camping for the long weekend at Syringa Creek Provincial Park. We went into town a couple of times to explore the community. I was so incredibly impressed with the efforts that the community made with flowers in the downtown. It was so beautifully done and provided a very welcoming feeling to Castlegar. It even looked like there was a bit more of what appeared to be an abandoned building but hanging flower pots were placed on the outside and it just made a huge difference!

Thank you to the city of Castlegar for your time and efforts into creating such a pleasant atmosphere for your community and it’s visitors! I was very impressed!

Lisa McMullin

Okanagan, B.C.