Letters to the Castlegar News editor

A sample of public opinion, as sent to the Castlegar News

Alarm bells ringing

I am not interested in becoming involved in the teacher’s contract discussions, but Bill 22 affects us all.  Apply this to yourself and where you work, this is the direction our B.C. Government is heading.  Anti-bullying day was February 29, it’s not all about wearing a pink shirt or students at school.  If Bill 22 passes legislation, we are losing rights that previous generations have fought hard to get. In one week we can lose everything that took many years to obtain.

Bill 22 fundamentally paves the way for major contract stripping and union-busting. It attacks our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The B.C. Government is by no means broke. They have made political choices as to where to spend your money. How did your family benefit from the Liberals paid:  five per cent raises, BC Railgate legal fees, large pension dole outs, the HST fiasco, and the list goes on.

Cutting social programs, jobs and wages will only help to impoverish our province. This affects all of our families.

If you have a desire to know why the province (Canada) is in the state it’s in, look in the mirror. Who do you think has made it what it is?  People complain about how much the one per cent has and how little the rest of us have. The majority who are supposed to carry the voice, will be the first to drag down anyone of the 99 per cent who gain more just because they don`t have it.

Sit back, complain as our middle class diminishes. Accept, as contracts are stripped, watch as corporations send more of our resources, capital, and jobs out of the country. The government gives these corporations large grants of your money and helps run our economy into bankruptcy. Let me tell you, when you’re in a sinking boat, it doesn`t matter where you sit, we`re all going down. Help your brother’s boat get to shore and you will arrive there too.

The other unions… where are they?  You chumps!


-L. Walker





Robocalls leave  a bad message

As the extent of the Robocall scandal is slowly revealed it is becoming clear that a travesty of democracy has been carried out. This goes beyond partisan issues and every Canadian, regardless of who is responsible for the scandal, needs to be vigilant about insuring that our elections are fair and uncorrupted. It is clear that the last election does not meet these very Canadian standards.

I ask everyone who cares about democracy, New Democrats, Liberals, Greens, Independents and Conservatives to stand up for fair and democratic elections by sending the following words to The Governer General of Canada at his email address which is  info@gg.ca

“Your Excellency,

We now need a full, transparent and non-partisan judicial inquiry that goes beyond the current investigation into possible Elections Act transgressions. If there’s any attempt to prevent this, to trivialize it, to stonewall it, to deflect attention from it, then you as the Governor-General should exercise your constitutional power to dissolve the government and send it back to the voters to obtain a clear and a legitimate mandate. “

Sign the email and, as a proud citizen of Castlegar, add your name and address.


-Kuya Minogue

Creston, BC