Letters to the Editor: A compilation

A combined posting of several letters to the editor that were received in the last week.

It was recently brought to my attention that there were no nominations this year for Citizen of the Year. I know the Knights of Columbustake pride in making this a memorable and rewarding event for some deserving citizen from the Castlegar area. I am sure there are manyout there who are deserving of this award. Let’s be sure that we do have nominations brought forward next year.

Kathy Gregory, Castlegar


This 25 feet and less is a very poor attempt to whitewash a very big mistake by the Castlegar city council. They will not admit that theymade a mistake. They should think again and look at being fair to the citizens of Castlegar. I have three lots totalling 93 feet. I have nostorm sewer near my house. To the council: admit that you made a mistake.

John Gibson, Castlegar


Oprah says it best. “For most people, teachers play a very important roll in their lives whether that’s preparing them for life or at least thenext grade level. They all have a special aura which sets them apart from normal human beings. They never had first names. They never donormal things like you and me like eating in a public restaurant. And God forbid, if you see them in a public restaurant you would justdie!”

As my children entered Castlegar Primary School for the first time I thought to myself, I hope they encounter a teacher who will challengethem, make them a better person, give them a reason to want to do better, not let them disappear in a classroom but to be heard, to standup and sit down, to learn to laugh and when not to laugh, and most of all, to prepare them for the many years of education they will have intheir lifetime. What you learn in the beginning you carry forever.

Thank you Treena Moorey. You are an incredibly inspiring teacher not only inside the classroom, but outside as well. You really know how tobring out the best in your students truly a gift!

Courtney Glover, Castlegar