Mayor needed at home

Castlegar resident not pleased by His Worship's travel plans

Once again it is spring in the land of Happlily Ever After and mayor’s (king’s) thoughts turn to travel.

Some time ago in his not-so-peaceful court he was rebuked for his travel plans to a distant kingdom. However, being king of the land, he said to his court ‘Nay, I shall bring this back to court and I shall take even more of you on our journey.’

Now, with the prospect of travel on their minds, who shall be the lucky ones to go on this great adventure?

The king thought long and hard, ‘how shall I accomplish this? Ah, I have an idea, I shall request my trusted advisor to come up with a plan to reintroduce this for a vote and wait until one of my opponents is missing and then I shall have my trip.’

‘Once this is accomplished, whom shall I choose? In case of emergency I shall take our fire specialist, you never know where or when his skills may be needed, but, whom else? Ah, I have it, a scholarly person to help the king with the right words.’

And there we have it, there will be peace in the kingdom, or so the king thinks.

Methinks he has made a bad choice. The people of the realm are dissatisfied with his decision and will most certainly let him know. All is not well in the land of Happily Ever After.

It’s time the king looked after his kingdom, started playing by the rules, started considering others. You did not get elected to travel and skirt the rules of order. You lost the vote and you have brought the issue back against all rules of order.

We have issues in the kingdom, Mr. Mayor. You should be looking after these and not traveling halfway around the world to look at a firehall.

Please reconsider your decision,


-Barry Ehman,