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Writer finds fault with the ecological ramifications of disposable plastic bottles

More on bottled water topic To address the letter of April 19 by Mr. Challinor speaking for the bottled water industry, I wish to point out that most of his comments about efficient waste management and ecological footprint were limited to what happens in British Columbia.

Our province is unique in North America in being a forerunner of recycling programs. There is the whole world out there affected by the bottled water industry where most places do not have our recycling system or even organized waste management.

In numerous countries housing bottling factories, the water table is adversely affected which in itself affects global warming. The bottled water companies look to profit no matter the effect on the environment and its people. Have not the citizens of America been indoctrinated by clever marketing tactics to think they need to buy bottled water when, in most cases they do not?

As gratefully, Ms. Zunti mentions in her rebuttal of April 26, the re-usable container is a thoughtful alternative for drinking water away from home.

In respect for our planet,


-Rosemary Manarin,