Motorist didn’t stick around

Letter writer saddened by pet's passing, disappointed by lack of effort from driver

My black lab was hit on hwy 3A just past the junction going to Nelson.  She was eight years old, moved fairly slowly due to hip problems and the person who hit her did not even stop to check if she was still alive.  So she laid there suffering until I went for my walk and found her.

I cannot believe someone can be so cold-hearted. There were no skid marks so they did not even try to avoid her. She never wanders down to the highway so not sure why this day or time.  This happen today at around 5:45 a.m. – 6 a.m. Her name was Jada. She died before I could get her to the vet.  I just wanted to share this with everyone.


Karen Heddle

South Slocan