MP makes point on parks

BC Southern Interior Member of Parliament implores provincial government for grace period

Hon. Mary Polak

BC Minister of Environment

Room 112

Parliament Building

Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4 .


Dear Minister,

I want to express my very great conc;em with the introduction  of your Bill4 in the BC Legislature proposing changes to the provincial Park Act.  The proposed changes will make it easier to allow industrial activity  in some of the world’s most beautiful parkland.

Decades of hard work have gone into ensuring the protection of these special places within the BC parks system.  It is disturbing to me thatthe Liberal government would propose a bill threatening the very purposes of our parks system without consulting the people of British Columbia.

I support the BC NDP’s call for Bill 4 to be suspended until the government gives the public ample opportunity to to be heard.




Alex Atamanenko,

Member of Paraliament,

BC Southern Interior