Not sold on road tenders

Local resident shares dissatisfaction with road upkeep by way of a letter to the editor

I’ve lived in Castlegar for eight years now. I continue to be baffled at the lack of snow removal where and when needed. I come from another province, in a larger city, where resources are there to care for the roads.

The crew there is on the road earlier in the morning, making sure the roads are clear for the morning commute and throughout the day. Here its seems the Kootenay laid back attitude is taken and/or the lack of snowplows or missed prioritising them is the norm.

We are talking about our lives and the lives of our children, friends and neighbours. We’re talking about a major highway, school bus route and high traffic commute. I hope when the next bid comes up for snow removal that they look to see if the company in the bidding has enough resources and shifts to safely take care of our roads and mountain passes. Will this cost more…maybe, probably. What does a life cost?

As a side note: when will our ever growing POTHOLES be filled in?


-Rhenda Moore,