Olympic sized memories

Observations on the biggest and longest running of all sporting events

It had taken almost two years to shake the Olympic ditty from many of our heads following the landmark Vancouver event of winter 2010.

It’s back, possibly to stay for any who have found the time to tune in to Olympic coverage these past couple of weeks.

Boom-da-da-da, da da-da-da… catchy for sure and well worth recycling.

Speaking of cycling, wasn’t it sad to see (or hear about) our Simon Whitfield taking a tumble in his last shot at an Olympic triathlon?

There may be some who find fault with the whole Olympic process but when it comes right down to the nitty gritty… with the men’s 100-metre sprint, for instance… protocols, regulations and all the other non-athletic stuff go out the window while folks glue their attention to the action.

These London Olympics will surely live on in many memories for many reasons – major disappointment for our great women’s soccer team (as of publication the bronze medal game had not been played) being one of the most acute.

On the bright side, and supplying a Castlegar connection to this submission, is the fact that our own Chris Hopkyns and family are in the U.K. at this time enjoying a well earned vacation. Watch for Chris during the closing ceremonies… he’ll be the one getting excited.