Columbia and Western Trail. Photo: Jensen Edwards

Columbia and Western Trail. Photo: Jensen Edwards

OPINION: Saddened by Columbia and Western Rail Trail decision

Family won’t be back to Castlegar after trail designation changed

We are saddened by the news that the Columbia and Western Rail Trail has been opened to logging traffic and increased volume of other motorized traffic. It is not my place to tell your community what they should or should not do. It is my place to tell you that we will not be coming to Castlegar this year. Or anytime in the near future.

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We have enjoyed, in prior years, staying at the golf course, playing golf, eating and shopping in Castlegar and riding our bicycles in the area. We have even entertained buying property up by the airport. A large part of our enjoyment, and the enjoyment of people we have convinced to join us, was riding the C&W. The views, the nature and the safety of the trail have been outstanding. Not to belabor my point, this has changed with turning the trail into a logging road.

There are other places that appreciate tourists. That is where we are headed.

In closing, thanks to those people at the golf course, the tourist information centre and the C&W volunteers who have helped us enjoy our many years since first discovering Castlegar. After the anger passed, we are left with sadness.

Lynn Sugden