Park is a showpiece in waiting

Editorial comment looks at the value of upgrades to Castlegar's downtown park


The money and work being put into the upgrading/beautification of the Twin Rivers/Millenium Park is most likely going to be well worth it.If this area is not worthy of some attention, where could be better?Castlegar has the good fortune to be situated where it is.

Mention Castlegar anywhere around the world and someone might know what you’re talking about, even if they think about the Irish location. But mention the Columbia River and recognition leaps. Here we have it, with the Kootenay River for good measure.

Investing in this choice piece of real estate is a no brainer.Not everyone is going to be 100 per cent in favour of the project involving the water recreation park that designers have drawn up, but, that being said, it’s refreshing to not have a deafening chorus of naysayers panning the idea.

This is precisely the sort of amenity that’s likely to add to a visitor’s experience, especially the family-type visitor so many communities covet.How popular is this park at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers going to turn out? How hot do you think it’s going to get each summer for next bunch of decades?When it starts to cook, where better than a nice pool at the park?