Pass Creek Road – a mess

Spokesperson expresses collective concern over the deteriorating condition of Pass Creek Road

Concerned residents of Pass Creek have been meeting to share views of the condition of the road which is considered hazardous and in urgent need of an upgrade. Traffic on the road has increased as the population has expanded while the road upgrades have not kept pace and have been piecemeal at best. School buses with approximately 70 riders per day, emergency vehicles, and logging trucks compete for space on what many consider a substandard road.

In the past year the Pass Creek Fire Department expressed concerns to the Regional District about the slow pace and quality of repair work to Pass Creek Road; that repairs were completed in a ‘band-aid’ fashion; and noted the danger for Pass Creek Fire Department truck/crew trying to negotiate parts of the road when meeting oncoming traffic.

The lack of room for pedestrians makes it very dangerous to walk, cycle or horseback ride. Communication has been opened with Ministry of Transport and Highways and some information sharing has taken place. If you feel you share the above concerns, petitions to sign will be located at the Pine Tree Market, Johnny’s Grocery and Gas, Mohawk, Curves, the Castlegar Recreational Complex and Kootenay Liquidators.

If you travel Pass Creek Road for family, personal or business reasons sign the petition — however the petition can only be signed once.

On behalf of concerned residents,

Laurie Paulsen,