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Pass Creek Road concerns

Pass Creek resident alarmed by stated of the local artery


In regard to the 60 km/h speed limit on Pass Creek Road, many people drive it at 80 km/h. This exacerbates the following danger areas:

Pass Creek Road is a narrow road with many blind corners – 43 from my residence, and below suicide hill to bottom of Pass Cr. Rd.

Many corners are too tight for an industrial vehicle (logging truck, cement truck, dump truck, school bus etc.) and a passenger vehicle on the corner at the same time – add the many cyclists and if all three meet on a corner at the same time, it is a death trap.

As for road quality – recently, half of one lane collapsed toward Pass Creek. Other areas show stress cracks. There are mud slides and falling trees from the upper side and pot-holes are not repaired. I have been dodging pot-holes for over a year.

Pass Creek Road should be straightened and widened. A bike lane should be added or all bicycles prohibited from the Slocan River Bridge to bottom of Pass Cr. Rd.

Corrective action should be taken to stabilize the up-hill side of Pass Creek Road to prevent mud slides and falling trees. I get constant power outages.

Our MLA, Katrine Conroy, lives 400 metres up the road from me, so I’m sure she is aware of all these issues on Pass Creek Rd.

Where is our representation?


Paul Kerekes,

Pass Creek