Pink shirt effort – worthy, timely

Opinion on Castlegar BC joining other communities across the country in anti-bullying effort

A wave of pink has cascaded across our collective consciousness as anti-bullying events have seized the day.

If public sentiment keeps step, there is the appealing prospect that the age-old practice of bullying may actually be on its way out.

Most of us have a history with the nasty business of bullying – as bully’s ourselves, victims or witnesses… and it probably wouldn’t be too far off the mark to suggest the memories are unpleasant.

The way the anti-bullying movement is snowballing is dramatic and exciting. It demonstrates the hands-on, positive nature of how important strides are being made in any number of situations these days.

The underlying theme is that absolutely everyone deserves respect. There is no characteristic that can ear-mark someone for abuse and society is getting that message loud and clear.

There remains much to be concerned about… but when events like the “Take Back the Night” parade have their time in the spotlight… and people of all ages, especially students, show such enthusiasm for Pink Shirt Day, we can all be encouraged.

Did you miss out? Do you have a pink shirt? Make sure to have it ready for next time, or make your own mini-statement whenever you feel like wearing it.