Positive actions help where needed

Editorial comment stressed the value on ongoing acts of generosity

It’s a recurring theme, as well it should be – “giving” – this issue of the Castlegar News is all but completely devoted to the concept of helping out others who may be less fortunate than we are.

From all across the city and the area come encouraging reports of kindness, from all age-groups and segments of society.

It’s nice to point out some of these acts, and nicer still to know that the large majority of the benevolence is carried out anonymously. One shining example comes to mind from this past weekend.

During a photo opportunity for one particular exercise in generosity, a citizen slipped by, with zero fanfare, and handed over a $1,000 cheque for the cause.

Any number of social, economic, and other assorted ills that beset our society will still be around when the festive season wraps up for another year. Still it’s a comfort to know that in spite of uncertain outlooks, and even the customary dire predictions about what we’re in for… folks continue to answer their conscience and do what’s right for their neighbours, in whatever way they are able.

When it comes down to it… it’s never been about just what is given… or how much… but of the compassion with which it is given. And like a recent submission appearing in our sister paper in Trail put it so well “Blessed to be a blessing.”