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Promoting what's good for business

Editorial comment focuses on the continuing importance of the commercial sector

Hosting the latest “Business After Business” event at, and in tandem with, the Fireside Inn is our pleasure. There’s nothing like rubbing shoulders with someone  for getting to where you can better understand each other.

These are interesting times for business, but then again, what times have ever been otherwise?

Times have been bad and they’ve been good but there has always been keen attention focused on the commercial sector and how it’s doing.

The Castlegar Chamber of Commerce works hard to support our business community – offering courses, and staging events like the Home and Lifestyle Expo, business awards and more.

Along with the concept of safety in numbers, chamber membership affords access to moral as well as tactical support. Unified and coordinated initiatives can help everyone. What’s good for each member is good for the whole community.

It’s deflating to see the end of a commercial venture and uplifting to see one getting off the ground. Here at the Castlegar News/West Kootenay Advertiser we’re rooting hard for the latter.

So we, like our chamber partners are keen to take part in whatever related action is on the calendar.

It’s great to belong to the chamber in particular, and the community in general.