Proud to live in rainbow country

Letter writer sold on the concepts of tolerance and inclusion


I have been following the discussion surrounding the welcoming and inclusive action made by the members of Castlegar City Council to create a rainbow crosswalk. It makes me sad, in 2014 that there still exits so much hatred and ignorance that lead to discrimination based on racism and homophobia, but I am proud of those who stand up and defend equality, justice and human rights in the face of that hatred.

And then there are those who state that no problem exists just because they have never seen examples of it and criticize council’s decision. Just because I have never seen Antarctica does not mean it does not exist and just because I have not seen the shrinking of the polar icecaps, it does not mean that we will escape the negative impact of climate change.

For those who think that city council is creating a division where none exists, you are mistaken. What council did was make a statement of affirmation; that all people in this community can expect their human rights to be respected.

The rainbow calls out to those who have felt the sting of ignorance because of who they are and who they love. It says clearly that in this community, they can expect equal treatment by the elected leaders and the administration they run.


Cindy McCallum Miller,