Recharged and ready to charge

Editorial comment focuses on the coming spring, and hockey playoffs

Anyone who’s not invigorated at this time of year might be related to Rip Van Winkle, and that’s okay, they’re just missing out on a lot of the action and interest that’s picking up almost everywhere someone may care to look.

Family Day is behind us, hockey in particular is hitting the apex and expecations are high in all kinds of levels from pee wee to collegiate.

Sports fans in Castlegar are serious and they’re being rewarded this season with the KIJHL Rebels and BCIHL Saints dominating their respective circuits. No, it’s not the NHL but many would say, using desire and intensity as measuring sticks, it’s better. One thing’s certain, love it  or hate it, when the gloves are dropped in a junior hockey game there’s nothing minor-league about what follows. It’s the price these young men are willing to pay for their teammates.

Soon there will be playoff action at the Castlegar Community Complex and that means a packed house… children to seniors… all showing up in support of their squad. So what if they may not be a hard-core hockey fan… their friends and relatives probably are and that’s where they’ll be.

Is the snack bar at the complex among the top dining destinations east of Vancouver? Or does it just seem like it when the home team is in action? Whatever the case, reservations are not required, just a game ticket.