Recycle worries

Letter writer has reservations about coming recycling changes


Those living in the outer areas of Castlegar, please read your brochure for this new recycling outfit. I seriously do not know what the powers that be were thinking when they brought these guys on board.

We can no longer recycle grocery bags that are clear or opaque, bread wrappers, bags for produce, pre-washed salad, dry bulk foods and frozen veggies. We cannot recycle plastic bags that are labelled biodegradable or compostable. We cannot recycle hardcover or paperback books.

All of this we are supposed to take to the recycle depot in Trail. Really guys? Not going to happen. I, for one, do not have the extra gas money to be making a special trip to Trail to get rid of this stuff and I especially would not do it in the winter. And just how are people who do not have cars or seniors who don’t drive out of town supposed to get rid of their stuff?

Was there any thought put into this at all? And my daughter-in-law, Ellen Lindow, brought up a very important point. Look at the extra pollution in the air from cars driving to Trail to drop off their recycling. Seriously? Is all of this helping our environment? I think not.

Hopefully we will still have the newspaper bins over at the dump. I plan to go over there today to find out. Otherwise it will all be going into the landfill much as I hate to say. Not too smart RDCK.

Diane Cowlin,