Reporter grateful for help

A thank you to good samaritans from Castlegar News reporter Craig Lindsay.

Thanks to those who came to my rescue on the weekend. I was driving to the gas station to fill up for a trip to visit family in the Okanagan when my car stalled at Columbia and 24th Street.

Janet and Jeremy, stopped and offered help. They tried to boost my battery and with that failing, went and got gas for me. They did all this, without hesitation, for a complete stranger. These are the people that make me proud to part of this community.

I also have to thank my friend Adam who came out from Trail and used his mechanical magic and got my car going. I wasn’t able to make my trip to the Okanagan, but so far my car has been working fine. Perhaps it was just the cold?

Once again, a thanks to people who could’ve easily just kept going, but took the time to help out.