Smarting over meter issue

Editorial comment looks at how opposition to "smart meter" installation continues, with local forum coming up

Smart meters are a lot like oil pipelines –  you just don’t hear as much pro as con out of the general population when the topic of each is mentioned.

So-called experts have plenty of reasons for both the cutting edge power meters and the petroleum transportation means, and a lot of us can appreciate the benefits that come with them, even if they may not be our preferred situation.

Many have declared long and loud that the wireless meters are an acute health hazard, and the theory put forth by the alarmists is easy enough to grasp.

The same alarm bells have rung over the issue of cordless phones, cell-phones and microwave towers and their questionable impact on our health for decades.

Come to think of it, many are still worried about old fashioned radio waves and the number they’ve been doing to human tissue since they became part of our world.

The definitive answers will arrive one day when the ability to measure such things has evolved to a point where everyone agrees with the process.

In the meantime we can continue to look at the trade-offs made everywhere, everyday, in regard to health versus economy and convenience. Watch for a report from the Feb. 2 Smart Meter Forum in next week’s paper.