So, what is there to do in Castlegar?

Editorial comment promotes miscellaneous upcoming events in the West Kootenay community

There’s more and more coming up in the community – a nice by-product of spring.

As is the desire in every case, some decent public support will make every event better.

Earth Hour comes up on Saturday night and here in Castlegar we’re going to need a late rush in registrations if we hope to salvage any semblance of self esteem in regard to electrical conservation. As pointed out in Craig Lindsay’s story on the previous page it’ll take a lot of work to keep up with the plucky denizens of Salmo, for instance.

Some fairly strong bonds can be created over the course of a year and we’re going to have the bittersweet opportunity to bid farewell to a host of sculptures which have enhanced our town since the 2011 Scupture Walk program. Sorry – because we’ll no longer have them to enjoy, sweet, because they’re most likely headed somewhere they’ll be appreciated just as much.

This Saturday is, again, the day to note as it’s moving day for our sculptured guests. City crews will naturally take great care in the move, and can be spotted at various locations during the day.

And speaking of moving, next month we can witness one of the greatest examples ever – the Rick Hansen Relay coming through town – a tribute of Hansen’s own colossal Man In Motion World Tour from 1987.