Some apocalyptic perspective

Well, the world didn’t end.

Well, the world didn’t end.

The rapture didn’t happen and my life is plodding along peacefully, as usual. That can’t be said for everyone.

As most of you likely know, there were thousands and thousands of good people who, believing the doomsdayers and soothsayers, sold everything they had in order to travel the country in their rolling doomsday billboard RVs screaming that the sky was falling. The news was full of it and one couldn’t turn sideways without bumping into it.

These Chicken Lickens of zealot Henry Camping and his God weren’t malicious in their actions, nor, for the most part were they ultra-preachy. They simply wanted to help others ascend to the pearly gates of heaven when the proper time came.

Instead, those believers lost everything they once held dear by believing in Camping, a religious crackpot who is not new to doom and gloom predictions. In fact, Camping also predicted a cataclysmic ending and rapture for May 21, 1988 and Sept. 7, 1994.

As you can see, simply because the sun is shining and you’re still breathing, neither of those end-of-the-world predictions happened either.

I do believe Camping did serve somewhat of a good purpose in that I, for one, did pause and take stock of my life. Although I knew the world would still be turning come May 22, there was that “what if” factor which nonetheless rolled around in the deep recesses of my mind.

What if I had unintentionally been unkind to someone? Maybe now was the time to right that wrong.

What if I hadn’t fully let those who I love know how very much I love them? Maybe now was the time to learn the lesson that saying I love you frequently is a good thing.

What if the world ended and I never got to say all it is that one needs to say before their final day? Or, conversely, maybe now was the time to unleash my sharp tongue and finally say all that I had held back in order to keep peace.

Camping also helped put some things into perspective. I mean really, in the scope of all things, and should the world end tomorrow, what does it matter if your house is perfectly cleaned if it comes at the expense of those you love, or at the expense of yourself?

So what if you don’t have the $200 purse or $300 sunglasses? What do those things matter if you aren’t surrounded by those you love and if you aren’t genuinely down-to-the-tips-of-your-toes happy?

Sadly, many people fail to realize exactly what they have until it is gone. By then it is too late and the golden opportunity has grown stale.

Unfortunately, we don’t need a Henry Camping to put those things into motion. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy in those matters.

I think that all too often we get caught up in the everyday minutiae of life and we fail to see, or appreciate, that beautiful sunset or sunrise. That sometimes we are so focused on everyday details that we let the warm wind of happiness blow on by.

I understand. We are all so very busy just trying to make a living. Life’s like that nowadays. Many hold two or three jobs just to support their family. I’m glad I’m not in that position.

So, today, I resolve to truly consider what’s the wheat in my life and what’s the chaff. They say it’s as simple as pouring the wheat into your hand and gently blowing away the chaff.

If only it was that easy in real life.