Special company coming

Hansen anniversary relay coming through Castlegar, Hansen himself coming for separate occasion

It was over a month ago when the excited comment was delivered in this newsroom.

“Guess who’s coming to town.”

By the way this was happening it was clear the visitor in question would be someone notable, but notable in what way?

“Gordon Lightfoot?” someone chirped. A couple of other guesses were offered, with progressive degrees of sarcasm:

“Leonard Cohen?” “Don Cherry?”

It didn’t take much longer before the cat was out of the bag.

Rick Hansen” was the revelation.

It didn’t take long at all to grasp the gravity of a visit by someone like Rick Hansen. Every topic is up for discussion, but, arguably, they don’t come with any higher profile, not only in Canada, than Mr. Hansen.

Sure we’re fortunate to have many noteworthy (living) citizens we can be proud of and it’s an enjoyable subject to spend some time on. Who would be on your list? Astronauts Marc Garneau and Chris Hadlfield? Celine Dion? Rex Murphy? Neil Young? Hayley Wickenheiser?

It’s only after trying to think of who’s bigger and why, that the magnitude of Rick Hansen’s achievements and reputation comes into focus, and he’s remained humble and gracious throughout.

His relay is coming and so is Rick (for a sturgeon release on Monday.

Let’s give him the welcome he deserves.