Steamed over thefts

Local vendor frustrated and bitter over the theft of her wares

I am a card vendor at the market at the Station Museum on Saturdays.

The vendors work very hard at their crafts and the money reward is very small as everything takes time to make.

Would you believe some people think they should get the product for free?

My regular cards take at least one hour of cutting, glueing and assembling. However, my embroidered cards (string out) take at least three hours or more to complete.

I am appealing to the person or persons who have helped themselves to my cards (especially the embroidered ones) to pay for them or return them. You can give money or cards to Deb MacIntosh at the museum.

I would like you to remember that children pay for their parents’ sins.

For others – a burgundy red tulip; a yellow sunflower and some abstract designs were stolen. If you receive any of these – it’s a stolen gift. I will have special marking to indicate that the cards are not stolen.


-Lola Cheveldave,