Stanley Humphries students organized a clothing drive in December. Photo: submitted

Stanley Humphries students organized a clothing drive in December. Photo: submitted

STUDENT COLUMN: December at Castlegar’s high school

Stanley Humphries students did a lot of good in December

Submitted by Angel-Muskaan Uppal

Ah, yes, December at Stanley Humphries — the most joyful two weeks of school. Everyone is looking forward to some well deserved time off. The snow is falling, people are putting on their winter boots, and the cafeteria becomes a slip and slide. Trust me, you should see the entrance as everyone is rushing indoors; there is no way you could ignore all that slush. Despite this, I have got to say that Christmas time is the best time at SHSS.

Christmas activities

Every year, the student council organizes a plethora of activities, as well as a Christmas assembly to create school spirit and connection within the building. The gingerbread house building contest was a hit among the junior students. The two-day contest consisted of building and decorating the house in the most creative and technical way possible. It was a super fun experience for all.

In addition, a few senior students organized a floor hockey tournament in which different grade levels competed in teams over the course of two weeks. They played during lunch hours in the gymnasium, and students came out to cheer on teams and spectate.

Lastly, the student council spent weeks preparing a Christmas assembly for the last day of school. It consisted of activities such as build-a-snowflake, a scavenger hunt, Christmas caroling, and more. The assembly was well-loved by everyone at SH.


The staff at Stanley Humphries has built a yearly tradition of cooking and serving breakfast for all students on the last day before the break. They take the time out of their busy schedules to craft delicious meals and create a lively ambiance. The activity room is lined with tables and lights, the speakers play uplifting holiday music to really get everyone in the spirit. The smiles on people’s faces make everything worth it for the staff. SH is quite a lucky school, as experiences like these don’t come by easily in the modern world. A spectacular breakfast mixed with the opportunity to safely mingle during difficult times puts on an amazing start to the school day.


The graduating class of 2022 put together their annual winter flower fundraising event. As one of the most important fundraisers of the year, the seniors worked hard to reach out to local businesses, families, and friends to sell beautiful poinsettias. With a supportive community like Castlegar and surrounding areas, the grads were able to sell 1,360 flowers. An entire semi-truck load worth from Chilliwack, to be exact. The grad executive and many parents offered a helping hand to sort the flowers — it took them upwards of ten hours. It was a busy yet meaningful and rewarding experience for many.

It’s giving season

Christmas season is considered giving season at SHSS. This is emphasised through staff and student-led initiatives such as the Giving Tree and Operation Feast. Once December rolls around, a gigantic Christmas tree is put up in the cross halls. This tree is covered with tags with ages and gift ideas on them. People are encouraged to grab a tag and bring a gift to put under the tree. Towards the last few days of school, these gifts are distributed to children in the community. Gift giving is one of the best ways to spread joy during the holiday season.

With heavy work loads, part-time jobs, and a lot on the go, SHSS grads found the time to help the community. Over the last few years, grads have stepped up to volunteer and help in various ways as a part of their graduation program. This holiday season, grade 12 students made over 200 Christmas cards that they delivered to seniors during the last week of school.

On Dec. 23, a group of student volunteers gathered at the school to make 75 holiday meals. They spent hours preparing, cooking, portioning, and delivering delicious food to appreciative community members. SHSS would like to thank Tony and Ashley at Safeway, Steve at NoFrills, and Barry at Kootenay Market for the generous donations. With the help of local grocery stores, grads, and supportive teachers, it was ensured that many people had a healthy and reliable source of food during the most special time of the year. The people at this high school are generous and selfless, and this is evident through their acts of kindness.

The clothing drive

The Green Solutions Environmental Club organized a clothing drive focused on winter clothing and personal hygiene products. The warm winter clothes were intended to go to people in the Castlegar and surrounding areas who may be struggling during difficult times. Staff and students were encouraged to rummage through their closets and donate clothes that had some life in them. Over $450 worth of personal hygiene products such as shampoo, razors, toothpaste, and soap was gathered and donated to Castlegar’s Community Harvest Food Bank. Over 700 pounds of clothing was collected and then donated to local thrift stores and a homeless shelter. The project was over three weeks long, and took a vast amount of time and effort from the volunteer club members.

During times like these, small communities are thankful for generous initiatives such as the giving tree, the clothing drive, and the holiday meals. It’s the outstanding and kindhearted people at SHSS that add a pinch of warmth to many lives this holiday season.

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Students volunteered to cook holiday meals for community members. Photo: submitted