Tech-ing one for the Castlegar team

Editorial comment on the upgrading of web-related skills for Castlegar News staff

Here’s to the ones who keep up with the world of what’s new, and have the added ability of being able to explain it.

As this print edition of the Castlegar News was going to print, many of those who see to it the paper is produced each week were in Nelson, being brought up to speed on new features available with our online product.

If some may have thought the process would be daunting it was probably some time back, as a lot of skills involved with keeping the paper’s website up-to-date have been mastered.

What’s especially fun about it is that procedures are continually updated as part of making the experience more straightforward and enjoyable for the visitor. So we’ve had a series of ‘webinars’ to teach us the tricks of the ever-changing trade.

This week, a team of web-experts actually showed up in the flesh. Staff from several papers from the Kootenays met in Nelson to make the most of their  time.

As is quite often the case, the face-to-face contact was rewarding and productive. Quality instruction is like that.

Many thanks to Elizabeth and Marco for doing the road trip, giving us all some up-front, hands-on experience with more of the new features available with our online product.

It’s more user-friendly all the time at