Thank you to family, friends and neighbours

Glade family has a whole lot of gratitude to express


To you all, we want to thank everyone who helped us through this last year and my treatment for prostate cancer. It’s been hard on all aspects of our life and all the help we’ve received has been gratefully appreciated by us both.

Thanks to Peter and Noeline Brockley, Sue’s mom and dad for the use of their motorhome, including prepping it for the trip to Victoria for two months radiation therapy and help financially for both gas and insurance for the motorhome. Also a great big thanks to Pete for all the yard and garden work he did while we were away so long, just when all the spring work was coming on. He did a great job on everything.

Thanks to Dennis, my brother, who came and looked after the house, Sue’s house plants and helped Pete with the mowing and other jobs around the yard. Also thanks for fixing all the doors, gates and clothing racks in the house while we were gone. He also did a great job on everything.

Thanks to Graham and Stacey Brockley, Sue’s brother and his wife, for help paying for our stay for two months at the Fort Victoria RV Park and also for the use of a car while we were there. This was so much help, and went a huge way in affording all of us to be able to go for the two months – Sue and I as well as our three chihuahuas, Topanga, Buddy and Dexter, although the RV site only allowed two dogs, so Dexter had to be a cat for our stay there.

Thanks also to Sue’s son Bob and Shari of 3 Cleaning Gals for cleaning out the motorhome so we could set of on our journey in a spotless living space and helping out here while we were gone.

Thanks to Carl Schwab and friends for organizing the fundraising to help pay for the trip to Victoria. He did an awesome job and a great big thank you to all who donated through Carl. We really couldn’t have managed without this financial help, it made all the difference to our stay in Victoria, making it tolerable instead of horrible.

Thanks to all those friends who donated to me directly, also enabling us to manage this whole experience without decimating our finances so much as they would have been otherwise. Including Dennis Lowdermilk, Kelly and Leah Rayne, Al and Julie Sanders, John and Tammy Green and Rick Logan.

Thanks to Glade Pie Bingo Association, especially Leonna, Louella and Noni for their donation to help with financial shortfalls since we got back home. It was a nice surprise to have Glade community support at this time.

I also want to thank West Kootenay Motorcycle Safety Association for their help both at Christmas, and again just before we left for the radiation treatment on Vancouver Island. It’s great to know you guys always have my back, and thanks again for all you’ve done.

Also to Glacier Honda, especially Ron, thanks for all the consideration and support you’ve shown to a new employee. I’m glad to be working for such an understanding company and am eager to return to work as soon as possible.

Thanks also to the Canadian Cancer Society for approving us for support under their financial aid program.

Thank you to Pennywise for helping us out with expert advice and an affordable rate so we could properly thank everyone.

Also, a huge thank you to the Castlegar News for running this for us as a Letter to the Editor. We are absolutely thrilled that they were able to support us so much at this rough time in our lives. You’re a great asset to this community and we’re fortunate to have such you here.

Finally, to all of you mentioned here, and to anyone I may have missed, you need to know Sue and I are deeply grateful and thankful. This generosity you have shown us will never be forgotten, and how much you helped through this has been a blessing. Thank you all, so very much.

TJ (Terry) Hirons and Susan Starling,