Thanks Deb!

Tribute paid and gratitude expressed to much-appreciated school cafeteria worker

On behalf of students, staff, and friends, I would like to thank Deb Dalton for her loyal dedication for the past eight years at the Stanley Humphries cafeteria.

Deb’s presence went above and beyond “The Cafeteria Lady.” She knew students by name. She cared about, and befriended them.

Always hearing, “Good morning,” followed by “Hey Deb, can I tab this?”

This was not just a job to Deb. It was her life. She has watched the nervous grade eights grow to the mature graduating students.

I was at the cafeteria today, witnessing the bare walls that once held kids’ names (first names only needed as she knew who they were) and all their tabs. A corkboard was filled with grad pictures with “Thanks Deb” on the back.

I only hope the people involved in this “covert” operation of Deb losing her passion for this job, have the compassion for saying yes to the child who has forgotten their lunch or maybe didn’t have the resources at home to make breakfast or lunch.

Hopefully that child will hear “yes” from the new operators instead of going hungry for the day.

Thank you Deb Dalton and best wishes in the future. You will be missed.


Samantha Moore,