Thanksgiving can’t come too soon

Editorial comment considers the global picture in assessing our relative prosperity as security

This may be jumping the gun by a little bit, but by the time early October rolls around there will most likely be another topic to consider, given that the Thanksgiving one is being claimed here.

Maybe it’s because it’s an election year down south and we’re treated to such a flood of high-powered, idealistic speeches by some of the best in the business. Maybe it’s because September 11 has just passed, and with it the lives of the American ambassador to Libya and several more innocents. It was a chilling and depressing reminder of the perils that can show up with such short notice.

The man-made atrocities are going on all over, and the natural calamities are filling in almost anywhere there’s a void.

Accounts of how good we’ve got it may get to sounding like a broken record, but if safe, relative prosperity ever gets too ho-hum, let’s just think a moment or two about how exciting, make that terrifying things are liable to get elsewhere.

We’ve had our moments, to be sure, and will have more, and there’s no reason to assume we can remain isolated from the horrors of the world forever… but it sure seems we have been for quite some time.

It may not officially be Thanksgiving for a few more weeks, yet, but we sure don’t have to think too hard to know how good we’ve got it… relatively speaking.