The good, the bad and the slippery

Editorial examination of several local current events

Here are three things of note in this third week of August with the first signs of fall suggesting they may soon show up.

The three incidents indicate that we in the West Kootenay are no different than anyone when it comes to being affected by everyday events. Where we may be different, thankfully, is that the bad events don’t necessarily happen everyday.

The Bad:

Fire Chief Gerry Remple getting into a physical confrontation with a resident over differing ideas of what’s okay to burn. It’s a nasty part of dealing daily with the public and we can all be grateful the situation didn’t go further. Kudos to our public servants who step regularly into unknown scenarios.

The Slippery:

This one is the minor oil spill into the Columbia river earlier this week during military exercises, which is bad whatever the volume happens to be, but maybe not so bad when compared to major spills that happen so often elsewhere.

Ending on a good note:

The realtor in Nelson (see story in this week’s West Kootenay Advertiser) who is committing 10 per cent of his commissions to charities designated by clients. Wouldn’t it be great if there were 10 per cent more people who were that generous?