The growing cost of living

Editorial comment acknowledges the inevitable upward trend in most, if not all day-to-day expenses

Everything is going up! That’s a fact. Even in the Kootenays here, you can’t escape the inevitable rise in costs of pretty well everything from groceries to internet to school supplies.

Soon, it looks like you’ll have to add water, sewer and garbage to that list.

On Monday, Castlegar city council gave third reading to a trio of bylaws that would see increases in water, sewer and garbage user rates in the city.

Water rates would increase almost $12  from $385.46 in 2012 to $397 in 2013; Sewer rates would increase from $315 to $324.45; and garbage rates would go up from $122 to $123.54.

Of course, these rates would have to be approved and adopted by council at an upcoming meeting.

Does this mean Castlegarians will give up these essential services? That’s unlikely. But for young families with several mouths to feed, every little bit counts as they say.

Castlegar utility rates are still a ways off from Nelson, whose 2012 water rates are $501 and sewer rates are $449. Of course, Nelsonites have to pay for that aging infrastructure. In addition, Nelson charges $40 for garbage pick-up and $1.50 per container.

Our nearby neighbour to the south, Trail, has it comparatively easy. Trail residents pay a paltry $315.20 for water and $231.80 for sewer.