Time to put on the host’s hat

Like municipal ambassadors, Castlegar residents can help their city thrive

Here it is again… the time of year when the through traffic increases and we realize that each one of those east, west or southbound vehicles represents a possible friend made.

If the car, truck, bus or motorhome happens to stop and the occupants need or want something (legal, that is), it’s up to each and every one of us to do all we can to help them out.

This kind of hospitality is not limited to the commercial sector… it’s in everyone’s best interest for Castlegar to have a good reputation among travelers.

Think back to a town you’ve been to where your treatment wasn’t up to snuff. Does any part of the visit come to mind as quickly as the negative side?

Where have you been where honest hospitality was served up without limit? Is that a place you’d feel good about returning to?

Castlegar’s got a lot to offer, over and above the great scenery, and we can all  try to give our visitors a chance to enjoy it.

Whether it’s cheerfully acknowledging out-of-towners… giving directions or helping out in some other way… let’s make sure our guests leave this community with the best possible memories.

For so many reasons, it’s just the right thing to do.