Valentine sweets with a twist

Castlegar News bi-weekly columnist Gord Turner weighs in on the topic of love

Recently, I was watching a re-run of the 1970s “Happy Days” television program. In that session, Mrs. C was telling a story about the time Mr. C was courting her and bought her a five pound box of valentine candy. Mr. C calmly declared that he never ever bought her any valentine candy.

And I say, why not? It’s only a few times a year that we buy gifts for our spouses, our partners, or our lovers. So, why not on Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s is a particularly good time for buying a gift because the focus is on love.  For a day or two, you get to think about your loved one in a distinctly different way.

So, besides a five pound box of chocolates in a heart-shaped box, I’ve thought of a few different gifts as possibilities on the day of love. In the past, I have usually given valentine chocolates or flowers. But this year, I want to do some lateral thinking and move outside the chocolate box and beyond the flower vase.

I was thinking we could set up a little treasure hunt for our cherished ones. We could give a little gift of one or two foil-wrapped chocolates on the 14th, and with it would be a note for the next little gift—and so on. The final note would lead to a special gift hidden in her lingerie or his boxer shorts drawer perhaps. For heaven’s sake, don’t hide her gift in the laundry basket or his gift beside the snow shovel.

When is the last time you wrote your partner a love note?  Way back in your courting days? Twenty years ago? So why not buy some expensive notepaper and recreate one of the love-notes you once wrote when she or he was your “dearest” or “darling.” Alternately, you could write a love letter telling him or her what you love about them now.

Using email or texting a message doesn’t count, but go for that if you’re shy about using notepaper. Remember, you need to say some of the love words that once flowed easily from your lips.

Giving a gift of a trip on that special day could spin off into additional pleasures. If you’ve often talked about a trip to a Caribbean paradise and never got around to it, here’s the chance to rekindle your love. Using sparkling red gift paper, wrap the tickets or the certificates inside a heart-shaped box.  A brief overnight trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs would work just as well for the love-dance to enter your partner’s eyes.

A gift a friend of mine gave to her hubby on Valentine’s Day was the promise of a bubbly bath together. She gave him a special erotic card with a handwritten note about the “let’s bath together” idea. Along with the card were scented soap bubbles and a splendid bottle of champagne. Before she let him into the bath area, she lit candles and told him to leave the lights off.

Another friend of mine asked his partner to play hooky from work on Valentine’s Day as he had a surprise for her.  He took her to a massage parlour where he had booked full-body couple massages for the two of them. He told me it was the most exciting thing they’d done for awhile. Unfortunately, he kept falling asleep.

If you and your partner have children, a neat gift could be a lock for the bedroom door.  And when you’re hidden away comfortably ensconced in your lover’s arms, then you can taste chocolate lip to lip. Happy Valentine’s Day!