Voicing sludge-related concern

Joining the recent discourse on pros and cons of pulp mill sludge as a soil amendment

People concerned about the safety of using pulp sludge have a valid reason for not using it in their area.

The pulp sludge is an industry problem in B.C., and it should not be. The sludge can be easily de-watered and put back into the pulp process as a close loop system.

The truckers at the pulp mill would be throwing up from breathing the toxins in the gas from the sludge at a temporary storage by the sawmill. The up river wind made the sawmill workers sick, that pile was then quickly moved to a distant location.

The P.P.W.C. workers’ union environmental officer had the sludge from different mills independently tested, and then submitted the results to the government. The results were bad, and to my knowledge the government did not issue authorization to spread this harmful residue in the wide spread communities nor should it, even if vegetation grows well in the sludge.

To protect your safety:

1. Ask for a letter from the pulp mill for the contents of the sludge.

2. Ask the city council or regional districts if they authorized disbursal of the sludge without tests.

3. Independent testing can be made by Selkirk College students to verify safety or not.

Widespread dispersal in the communities of any untested substance is unacceptable.


-Mel McMullen,

Castlegar BC