Vote of thanks to volunteers

Writer adds her voice to chorus of those praising the efforts of local volunteers

It is heart-warming to read so many articles about the generosity of our community… collectively  providing for food banks, toy drives, medical equipment, youth  initiatives and overall lending  support to various  functions and events.

I would  also like to acknowledge  the “goodness” of  individuals  who, through their  involvement,  care, and honesty  keep our community spirit alive and well.

On December 6 in the midst of a “hustle and bustle” type of day, I inadvertently set my wallet down in the veggie section of No Frills.

I had placed some money in my pocket to cover the costs of my purchases and so did not  miss my wallet until almost three hours later.  What a panic to think of all the cards/documents that may have needed to be replaced!

Upon checking with the store, I was relieved to hear that my wallet had been turned in.

I am very grateful to the individual (who didn’t leave his name)  and to the store (Karyn) for handling this situation in a professional manner.

Acts of kindness whether on a larger scale (e.g. assisting many) or helping an individual caught in a dilemma are truly appreciated and reflective of the wonderful people in our Community.


Sincere thanks,

-Corinne Postnikoff