Weighing in on food vendor issue

Letter writer with a vested interest, opines on mobile vendor issue

I read the paper this weekend and was disappointed to hear of the responses both in attendance and thought regarding the meetings on the mobile food vendors. Facilitated by you the chamber.

Call me crazy, but I would like to see the invitation or talk to the person by whom all restaurants were allegedly invited and only four showed.

Was the invite an email, notice, letter, phone call, or what?

I have a valid opinion but according to my records no invitation was even given to me for a voice.

Had I seen or heard of this event my husband Tom Frauley and myself would most certainly have been there.

It is important for the city council to hear what we the restaurant community have to say. Deb McIntosh was quoted saying we the restaurant owners have taxes to pay, well that’s not all.

A large outlay of money is the beginning of any business, but monthly overhead and building a strong staff family is a responsibility not for the faint of heart.

We the restaurant community  employ on a large scale, residents in Castlegar whom otherwise would be jobless. Food vans usually have only themselves to worry about.

There is a place in special events and carnivals for food trucks/vans but on a day to day business scale it is burdening an already economy challenged industry.

There is much else to be said and deliberated but this is just a small thought for now there is much to be looked at in regard to this issue.


-Kathy Frauley,