Christine Esovoloff started July 15 with the Castlegar News

Christine Esovoloff started July 15 with the Castlegar News

Welcome aboard

New faces brightening the offices of the Castlegar News

The no-vacancy sign is once again hanging outside our “boilerplate” – that’s what they call the strip with all the faces at the bottom of our page 6.

There were a couple of issues lately where it was getting downright lonesome, but it’s great to once again have a full complement on the Castlegar News team.

Black Press veterans Chuck and Karen Bennett are no strangers to running newspapers and their influence is already making noticeable impact. The publisher and director of sales, respectively, are proof positive that experience and sound judgement will always have a place in a business environment.

Christine Esovoloff comes to the Castlegar News  from just down the street, figuratively, at least, and she’s the answer to some aggressive and persistent recruiting. The Castlegar native has a far-reaching local network to go along with her capable and energetic demeanor. She’s happy to be on the roster and everyone else is glad to have her.

Speaking of rosters, the comparison of staffs and teams… of business and sports, goes on all the time and with good reason. Without dedicated teamwork, teams and staffs can all-too-quickly struggle and no one wants that.

The folks on our staff, and regular contributors to this paper and, are all quite pleased to be here, working in this city and providing readers and clients with interesting, informative material and great value for their advertising investment.