What’s up with PC?

Writer doesn't want to play follow-the-fuel-price-leader

I drive by the Petro-Can service station on my way to work every morning. I can’t help but ponder that company’s relentless efforts at driving up gas prices in this community. They have begun the last several weeks by increasing their pump prices by as much as eight cents per litre. Now don’t get me wrong. I tend to support the notion that the consumer will reward those other stations with their business and the Petro-Can conversely would pay for this tactic.

My concern comes from watching activity at the Petro-Can pumps while there is the spread in price.

I pondered the real possibility that these are corporate users who have contracts with Petro-Can for their fuel.

Are these commercial consumers putting Petro-Can in a position to weather a decrease in general consumer pricing while they try and drive up pump prices?

The next question then is, are those commercial clients aware that they are being used to that end and the potential effect it could have on their community?

I think these are questions worth asking.


Gary Leier