Who’s paying for spill?

Writer displeased with lack of information pertaining to clean up of Lemon Creek fuel spill

Who is paying for Lemon Creek Jet Fuel Spill?

A good question. I know that ICBC is the insurer on claims after the investigation is completed. Unless the investigation company or Executive Flight Centre can verify otherwise, the taxpayers of British Columbia are going to pay. We are still under the “Do not release information to the Public”  order. No data-results have been released by Executive Flight Centre. I understand that the data collected is paid for by Executive Flight Centre and therefore they own it. It is at their discretion to release this information to the public. Statements are made that it may create confusion or misinformation.  Distrust and suspicion have been created.

I am told that Executive Flight Centre is paying for all costs related to the clean-up, agency personnel, the Winlaw Centre on and on. Really. Under the “Do not release information to the Public “ order we are told that Executive Flight centre is paying but no data-details are released.  Statements are made, we are told to trust, yet no evidence is given. I am to believe and trust a company that does not release information related to my health, the health of my valley and makes claims to be paying for all costs related to the clean-up. So, who is paying?


Glenda Patterson

Slocan Park BC