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Gnar in the 'gar - good time for all

Day-long event packages fun and camaraderie with fantastic weather
L to R:Owen Partsch

By Barb Sinclair

A sunny September Saturday could not have been better for a day devoted to the love of skateboarding in and around Castlegar.




The main theme of this event is 'a celebration of skateboarding'. This large park located at the Community Complex has had a lot of support largely due to the

Kootenay Family place and Lynnene Lewis' efforts through grants and other funding, partrnering with the Community Complex, Youth Centre programming, and Skateboarding in the Park.

Ty Smith, the local skateboarding co-ordinator has also been busy all summer, hosting as many as 190 interested skateboarders in various venues and friendly competition. It's a great thing for kids, and grows enormously every year.



This summer's event is in respect of the memory of Josh Evin, and has been titled Gnar In The Gar For The Love Of Josh. One area has recently been specifically painted to recognize Josh's memory.

The two little guys, Jake and Eddie, are on three-wheeled beginner skateboards, a real good start to the balancing act needed to maneuver the gymnastics required for skateboarding.