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Joy rolled out of roller crew

Castlegar squad surpasses Nelson Killjoys in roller action

The dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, and Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers have emerged, once again, victorious!

Last Saturday the Dam City Rollers swept into Trail for what was being anticipated as ‘the bout of the season,’ going up against the Nelson Killjoys WKRD’s undefeated champs from last season. Both squads had worked hard toward this game all season, and fans were not disappointed when these two powerhouse forces took to the track in Trail’s Cominco Arena.

In the very first jam of the game, the Dams gave the Killjoys a glimpse of what they were up against, building a strong solid purple wall that forced Nelson to go for a star pass in the first corner, while DCR jammer Lady MacDeath bowled the opposing blockers out of her way, taking lead jammer, and setting the tone for what was still to come.  The two WKRD teams went back and forth in points, staying pretty close on the scoreboard, until partway through the first half when the Dams pulled ahead, which they continued to do steadily, right through to the end of the game.

The bout was a real test of teamwork and strategies, with both sides throwing power into every play, trying to best each other. The Killjoys didn’t make it easy for the purple jammers, forcing Peacemaker and Ursula Aggress to work hard for every point scored, but the experienced players kept their feet moving, attacking the green walls, disengaging, and trying again, breaking holes for themselves and winning points for their team. Rollers’ captain Kitty Karnage threw up some formidable blocking, despite playing with an injury, and with Jinjoe Fight-Us at her side, managed to keep the opponents at bay during a Killjoy power jam.

During the second half, the Dams continued to build on their scoreboard lead, despite a furious onslaught by the Killjoys. Irish Whipskey, the DCR ‘voice’ on the track, helped to keep her team aware at all times of where the jammers were, and managed to throw down a killer hit on Killjoy jammer Concrete Cindy, knocking CC out of the air as she attempted to jump the apex. Dam City blocker Brutsie Roll used her booty to sit on the opponents and own their space, setting them up for smack-down hits from teammates Pantsoff and shyRAMASAURUS Wrex. Missy Helliott lived up to her name, raining hell down on the opponents with her shattering sweeps, while Pro-Pain Paula and Darth Danger anchored the walls that held the Killjoys back.

Despite the emotions involved, the Dam City Rollers played a fairly clean game, staying out of the penalty box and on the track. It was a hard-hitting bout with lots of action and lots of effort being thrown down by both teams, and in the end, the Killjoys just couldn’t overcome the strength and teamwork of the Dam City Rollers, getting swept out of first place by a purple tidal wave.

Final score of the last regular season bout this year – 276 Nelson Killjoys, 358 Dam City Rollers – which pushes Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers into first place.

The Dams are now preparing for the WKRD semi finals, where they will face off once again against the Rossland Trail Roller Girls on June 7, in Castlegar.

The team has its sights set on the Golden Boot, and RTRG will have a real battle on their hands to hold the Dams back. Then finals go down on June 28 in Nelson, where the WKRD champion will be crowned. Will the Dams sweep the league this year, and remain undefeated?  Don’t miss the hard hitting action still to be had during the WKRD playoffs – information and tickets can be found online at


-Kitty Karnage