Jamie Horning

Jamie Horning

Jr. Coyotes advance to finals

The SHSS Jr. Girls basketball team has advanced to the finals of this weekends junior basketball tournament.

The Stanley Humphries Jr. Girls basketball team has so far won every one of their games in a junior basketball tournament taking place at SHSS this weekend and will now advance to the final.

The Coyotes beat the Boundary Central Secondary School team early this afternoon, 35-23.

“It was a difficult game,” said SHSS coach Carolyn Alexander. “Boundary did an awesome job. Our girls finally got some offence going and that was the difference in our game.”

Jamie Horning, #2 for the Coyotes, was chosen as Player of the Game, and also scored the most points for SHSS, with 16 points.

Casey Alexander, #8, and Bryn Spiller Tissarand, #15, also had a good game.

“Our post players, Bryn and Casey, are the ones that are solid and in there, and getting the rebounds, so they also had a really good game,” said Alexander.

Alexander said the thing her team needs to work on is offence.

“You know all these teams, all three teams that have been here, are really even, and we’re all doing the same thing; I think all of us need to work on our offence, because that’s what’s killing us. Our defence is really keeping us in these games.”

The Coyotes will play in the final at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon in the SHSS gym.