Masters put on a show in Castlegar

Three-day bonspiel features competitors from across West Kootenays.

  • Feb. 11, 2013 12:00 p.m.
The Alex Bojey rink from Castlegar placed in the prizes at the Annual Verzuh/Clay Memorial Bonspiel held this past week at the Castlegar and District Curling Club. Pictured from left are:    Skip Alex Bojey

The Alex Bojey rink from Castlegar placed in the prizes at the Annual Verzuh/Clay Memorial Bonspiel held this past week at the Castlegar and District Curling Club. Pictured from left are: Skip Alex Bojey

By Barb Sinclair, WKA/Castlegar News contributor

The eight rinks in the final draw of this three-day annual event had lots to offer last  Saturday in the way of sports, entertainment and good fellowship. The third day of the Verzuh-Clay Memorial Bonspiel(dedicated to the memory of two avid curlers) gave onlookers plenty to enjoy. Coming from various towns in south-eastern B.C., they were: Sheet #1, Skip Carr from Vernon vs. Skip Garner of Nelson; Sheet #2 Skip Chartres of Beaver Valley vs. Skip Mason of Nelson; Sheet #3 Skip Farrell of Castlegar vs. Skip Horan of Trail; and Sheet #4 Skip Tyson of Trail vs. Skip Venturini of Beaver Valley.

Halfway through the final draw, both Trail teams were looking very strong as were both Nelson rinks.

But by the sixth end Venturini of Beaver Valley was sitting with four rocks counting because Tyson’s last rock had sprouted wings and flew right past B.V.’s back rock. As the last Venturini rock was sliding down into the house it shot its own rear rock out, but still counting four. This was an exciting end to watch.

By the end of the 6th end, Castlegar’s Farrell was trying to add to the three points he got in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ends, but Trail’s Horan was still leading on the scoreboard at 6-3.

At this point of finishing the 6th end, the Carr rink of Vernon was leading the Garner rink of Nelson 5-3. Pulling up the rear at this point, the Mason rink of Nelson was leading Skip Chartres of Beaver Valley 7-3.

As the teams were getting ready to get to the next end, Paul Phipps dropped by to say hello and chat about the game. “People from the host town put their name in a hat stating the position they like to play,” said Phipps, “and that’s how teams are put together.” So the hosting town doesn’t necessarily have an edge over the out-of-town competitors, whose teams are deliberately put together. Continues Paul, “Each team pays a fee to enter, then there’s money to win after each game and again at the end of the bonspiel, when their overall scores are tallied.”

Back to the game – By the 8th end Beaver Valley’s skip Venturini is sitting 8-7 over Trail skip Tyson; Horan from Trail was sitting 6-4 over Castlegar’s Farrell. It was 7-3 for Nelson’s skip Mason over B.V.’s skip Chartres, and Vernon and Nelson were tied at 6.

After the completed eight ends, Trail’s Horan had skip Farrell’s number. Chartres and Mason ended at 12-5 with the Nelson rink winning. Not quite finished on sheet #4, Beaver Valley was sitting shot with four Trail rocks surrounding it. The last rock by Trail sailed down the ice only to hit its own further back, and then pushing the single B.V. right on the button. Beaver Valley didn’t mind this a bit – like the third from Castlegar’s Farrell said “That’s TV stuff!”

In the end, sheet #2 finished with skip Mason of Nelson winning over Chartres of Beaver Valley 12-4. It took a while to find out who won the Nelson/Vernon game because everyone looked so happy – but it was Garner of Nelson over Carr 7-6.

Keep a watch out in the near future for Spurling and Sturling bonspiels, introducing the ‘stick’ in its various capacities for the first time in competition here in Castlegar.

Final results from the Master’s Bonspiel:


Section A      First Place: Dan Horan Rink from Trail

Second Place: Bill Carr Rink from Vernon


Section B       First Place: Earl Mason Rink from Nelson

Second Place: Bob Menin Rink from Trail


Section C      First Place: Dave Chartres Rink  from Beaver Valley

Second Place: Alex Bojey Rink from Castlegar


Section D      First Place : Don Matthews Rink from Beaver Valley

Second Place: Ron Garner Rink from Nelson.


Good curling, good sportsmanship and fun were the highlights of the  bonspiel.


The Castlegar Master’s Curling Club takes to the ice Monday thru Thursday each week at 9 am at the Castlegar Curling Rink.

Anyone interested in curling with this club is invited to drop by the rink in the morning and learn more about Masters’ curling or they can contact Paul Phipps at 250-365-5128.