WEB POLL: How do you feel about 2019?

Take our poll and tell us how you feel about the new year.

Postal strike poll

Do you support the postal strike?

Vote or smoke?

What are your plans for next week?

  • Oct 9, 2018

Should the backcountry be closed?

Give us your opinion on our web poll.

POLL QUESTION: Will you download the new Castlegar Explorers App?

City-backed device is a tool that rewards people for shopping locally

  • Apr 26, 2018
Castlegar fiddlers join Natalie McMaster concert
Kernachan convoy
REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
Shark researchers close encounter with great white

Poll question: Would you like to see ride-hailing services in Castlegar?

The province is expected to introduce ride-hailing legislation in the fall.

Poll: Were you pleased to see movement on proposed changes to the water/sewer rate plan?

Changes were made in response to concerns raised during public feedback period.

Poll: Do you want to see more public access to the Columbia River waterfront?

A recent public open house was heated as two sides to the issue debated the merits of the plan